13Oct, 2019
1Open registration for 2019 SACCA Congress9:00AM
2Africa Women In Coops Network Forum9:30AM
14Oct, 2019
1Liquidity ManagementMarlene Shiels(OBE, ICUDE) , Solomon Atsiaya(ICUDE) 8:30 AMShimba Hall
2Effective board & management relationshipCarilus Ademba(ICUDE) , Dr. Manuela von Göler 8:30AMRastenawi Hall
3Succession planning for SACCOsMercy Tumukunde (ADE) , Baboucarr Joof(ICUDE) 8:30AMDodori Hall
4Effective communication for SACCOsMichael Ray(ICUDE) , Martin Ocholi 8:30AMBoni Hall
5Effective supervisory committee skillsCaleb Orwa , Emmanuel Coffie (ICUDE) 8:30AMMadunguni
6Growth strategies for SACCOsJulie Ferguson , Fumbani Nyangulu(ICUDE) 8:30AMMwangea Hall
15Oct, 2019
1Liquidity managmentMarlene Shiels(OBE, ICUDE) , Solomon Atsiaya(ICUDE) 08:30 AMShimba Hall
2Board and ManagementCarilus Ademba(ICUDE) , Dr. Manuela von Göler 08:30 AMRastenawi Hall
3Succession planning for SACCOsBaboucarr Joof(ICUDE) 08:30 AMDodori Hall
4Effective communication for SACCOsMichael Ray(ICUDE) , Martin Ocholi 08:30 AMBoni Hall
5Cyber security safeguards for SACCOsCaleb Orwa , Emmanuel Coffie (ICUDE) 08:30 AMMadunguni
6Growth strategies for SACCOsJulie Ferguson , Fumbani Nyangulu(ICUDE) 08:30 AMMwangea Hall
15Oct, 2019
1Participants Registration3:30PM Convention Center
2Official opening and flag paradeHon. Peter Munya, MGH 6:00PMArabuko Hall
3Dinner7:30PM - 9:00PM
16Oct, 2019
1ACCOSCA MESSAGE: Co – operative, Diversity and Inclusiveness accelerate financial InclusionGeorge Ombado, (Icude) 8:15 AM Arabuko Hall
2Strengthening National Network Governance Structures Brian Branch 9:00 AMArabuko Hall
3Key note presentation: Purpose Driven Leadership Bill CheneyBill Cheney 9:45 AMArabuko Hall
4Health break10:30 AM
5Break out sessions11:00AM-4:00 PMArabuko Hall 1, Arabuko Hall 2, Shimba Hall, Mwangea Hall
6ACCOSCA 2019 General Assembly2:30PM–4:30PMDodori Hall
7Chairpersons and supporters Dinner (INVITE ONLY)6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
17Oct, 2019
1Plenary session: Servant leadership. Moderator: George Ombado(ICUDE), CEO,ACCOSCAMaurice R Smith , Benoit Andre’ , Ali Noor , Nicklaus Bergmann 8:30 AMArabuko Hall
2Health break10:30 AM
3The Future of Financial Inclusion is pegged on Digital AccessVincent Ondiff 11:00 AM – 12:00 PMArabuko Hall
4Value Addition for SACCOs through Outreach Program ACDFLois Kitsch(ICUDE) 12:00 PMArabuko Hall
5DSA Award Ceremony12:30 PM
6Lunch1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
7Break out sessionsAlan Moore , Olasoji Olawale(ADE) , Triza Magreta (ADE) , Tracey Klitsch 2:00 PM - 4:00 PMArabuko Hall1, Arabuko Hall2, Shimba Hall, Mwangea Hall
8Development Educators Dinner (MUST BE A DE TO ATTEND) (Carry DE Badges)7:00 PM - 10:00 PMJambo Lawns
18Oct, 2019
1Advocating for women Digital Financial Inclusion - Emerging CountriesLionel Pellizzari 8:30 AM -9:30 AMArabuko Hall
2Purpose remains Constant in Cooperative Model - Avoid mission driftBaboucarr Joof(ICUDE) 9:30 AM – 10:30 AMArabuko Hall
3Break10:30 PM - 11:00 PM
4Official Closing Dinner and Celebration. “African night” ALL WHITE EVENT7:30 PM - MidnightAt the beach