21Oct, 2021
1: Integration and Sustainable NetworksCambridge Mdlalose(ADE) 8:30AM
2 The Impact of Association (League) in influencing SACCO Growth & DevelopmentBrett Thompson 8:00AM
3Trends influencing SACCOs Development and Growth in AfricaGeorge Ombado (ICUDE) 8:00AM
4Supporting SACCOs in times of Crisis
5Embracing InclusionThabile Mdluli (ADE) 11:00AMHall A (Jumuika)
6Impact of inclusivity and diversity in SACCOsMaureen Njoroge (ADE,CUDE) , Daniel Bello (ADE) , Gisele Gomes , Thomas Belekevich 11:00AMHall A (Jumuika)
7Digitization in harnessing financial inclusion and Members Experience in Co-operativesKwang-Yung Jung 1:30PMHall A (Jumuika)
8Why Digitization is essential for SACCOs future survivalFintech Company 1:30PMHall A (Jumuika)
9What are our strategies for digital transformationFintech Company 1:30PMHall A (Jumuika)
10Membership DriveJoyce Mbiba (ADE, CANADA DE) 11:00AMHall B (Dr. Meister)
11Tackling the wealth gap and inequality through SACCO Business ModelRenée Sattiewhite 11:00AMHall B (Dr. Meister)
12Effectively increasing CU membership growth and penetration : A case of CaribbeanDenise Garfield-(ICUDE) 11:00AMHall B (Dr. Meister)
13Sharia Complaint Products Development from a Strategic/ Best Practice perspectiveDr. Gamaliel Hassan 11:00AMHall B (Dr. Meister)
14Value of National Network in supporting Financial inclusion and Access Agenda Robert Kelly 1:30PMHall B (Dr. Meister)
15Accelerating digitization for service delivery in co-operatives – Value preposition for a shared platform Fintech Company 1:30PMHall B (Dr. Meister)
16Accelerating digitization for service delivery in co-operatives – Using digitalization to enhance service deliveryFintech Company 1:30PMHall B (Dr. Meister)
17Rural FinancingFoday Sanyang (ADE) 11:00AMHall C (Dr. Meister)
18CU role in developing and implementing legislative, regulatory, and state government advocacy efforts Ryan Donovan 11:00AMHall C (Dr. Meister)
19Impact of Central Financial fund in supporting SACCO growth and developmentFumbani Nyangulu (ICUDE) 11:00AMHall C (Dr. Meister)
20Analyzing SACCO performance through DataJoan Atuhura (ADE, CUDE) 2:00PMHall C (Dr. Meister)
21Data Analytics – What it takes for talent Management Katy Meier-Zaleski (ICUDE) 2:00PMHall C (Dr. Meister)